Today in the Spotlight: Lina

Meet Lina: Coffee expert and community builder

We’ve known about Lina for awhile. She’s the General Manager at a our favorite local Santa Cruz coffee shop called The Abbey, where we come to enjoy coffee, and occasionally do Trade as One photo shoots in their beautiful setting. We love The Abbey for their great coffee, good music, and commitment to building community in the Santa Cruz area. Through our relationship with them, we learned about Lina’s passion for coffee, and we couldn’t wait to talk to her.

Lina is passionate about good food and good community and loves how a simple cup of coffee or meal with others brings people together. She loves to travel and become immersed in new cultures. These are all good reasons to subscribe to Coffee Rumors, but her reason for subscribing goes much deeper than that.

Her Story

Lina’s grandparents were field workers all over California. Growing up, Lina would hear stories about their fight for ethical treatment and strikes for fair wages. She says this awareness of the importance to consume ethically was further cemented when she spent some time living abroad and seeing first hand the positive difference ethically made products make in the lives of producers and families.

Lina says it best when she said “The world is much smaller than you would imagine and our purchasing power has long reaching effects.”  See what we mean when we say our subscribers “get it”? They understand that little choices towards consuming ethically everyday are a part of a bigger picture. We are connected deeply to our purchases, and through Fair Trade, those purchases positively impact the world. This is especially why we focus on producer stories at Coffee Rumors, so you can see the farmers and producers behind each and every product, and hear directly from them how Fair Trade is helping them out of poverty. Lina says learning of these stories and seeing the heart behind our producers is one of her favorite aspect of the subscription. When asked about her favorite product, she said she loves the green olives and the chocolate, but her all time favorite is the Mascobado Cane Sugar from the Philippines because “its vanilla flavor is so unique and delicate.”

When asked more about how the subscription and how she uses it she said “I thought that by subscribing to Coffee Rumors I would be able to make a lasting and consistent change in the lives of producers as well as educating my family regarding eating and using ethically sourced products. It is always so great to reach into my cupboard and grab a product that i am sure that was sourced, produced and imported ethically.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.