Tea for Two with a Garden View

‘Come along inside… We’ll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place.’
-The Wind in the Willows

There’s something about tea culture, isn’t there? When we invite a friend over for tea, we doing more than just inviting them into our homes. We’re inviting them into our lives. It’s easy and convenient to keep up with people over social media, but it feels so good—radical in our age of technology— to put down our devices, invite a friend over, and hear directly from them how they are doing. It’s intentional and simple, what could be better?

This season’s subscription box is designed around tea. Which can only mean one thing— we had ourselves a tea party! To do so, we visited The Abbey in Santa Cruz, California. This is a place where people in the community gather, and with cool ocean breeze and scenic setting, it was the perfect spot for a cup for tea and some scones.

There’s a variety of tea in this season’s box, but chose The Republic of Tea’s Strawberry Vanilla Rooibos. It’s naturally caffeine free, with hints of sweet strawberry and vanilla— a delightful and refreshing cup. But this tea has more than just a pretty face and delightful flavor. A portion of the proceeds from this can of tea is donated to Room to Read, a non profit enhancing literacy across Asia and Africa.

Tea would not be complete without scones, would they? These light and fluffy gourmet scones are helping women get back on their feet through Women’s Bean Project in Boulder, Colorado. The Bean— as employers, employees, and lovers of their product affectionately call it — employes women who have faced poverty and chronic unemployment; many have a history of incarceration. The Bean hires them, teaches them job readiness, and helps them look for jobs in the community once they graduate from the program. For these scones, used a heart shaped cookie cutter for some added love.


And don’t forget the mints! These Dragon fruit green tea mints are the perfect end to any tea time.

So what are you waiting for? Invite a friend over for some tea and some scones, and see if you can make the world a better place. With products that do so much good for the farmers and producers behind them, how you not?